The Louvre // Paris

Backpack Zara
Scarf Next, Leather H&M
Jeans M&S, Nikes

I think we picked the worst weekend to run over to paris, right in the middle of all the snowy, rainy, windy weather that just made us wanna huddle in doors with movies and coffee and watch the weather from the safety of the windowsill. Buut, if you follow my insta (here), then you'll know we made the most of it, despite the cold and rain and my inappropriate wardrobe. 

These pics are actually from our last day, but we hit up the louvre on friday evening. 
After a 4am start, luging our suitcases around what felt like the whole of paris for our airbnb key and almost catching our deaths walking around the effiel tower in the pouring rain, we found out that if youre under 26 you can visit the louvre for free on friday evenings and, as they open super late, we thought fuck it we might as well. So we ended up spending a good couple hours there, mainly looking for this painting, which we never found cause the place is like, fricken huge, but we did see a bunch of other amazing stuff and spent quite a while laughing at various tapestries and classical paintings (lack of sleep and no food played a part in that). We only left when our legs physically couldnt walk us much further, our eyes stopped working properly and our brains stopped processing information in a sensible way. When i looked at the Mona Lisa and all i could think about was KFC, it became pretty clear we should call it a day. And, as cliche as these pictures are, i think they're really cute and im glad we went back to get them, just peep Yen in her pompom hat, total babe.

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Edit: If youre going to the louvre, plan what you wanna see and find out where it is, their website has the dets of where each art work is!

Love, Dana xx


  1. This sounds like a really fun trip, Nicola. Glad to know you guys enjoyed despite the bad weather. I had a good laugh when you said you thought of KFC while looking at the Mona Lisa...hahaha. Anyways, have a great weekend, dear <3

    xoxo Eva |

  2. One day I will visit Paris! Looks amazing and what a great all black outfit :)

    Love, Lindsey

    1. you really should, its beautiful in the spring <3

  3. Ahh can I come and travel with you hehe. Love these photos!

    Enclothed Cognition

  4. The post is fantastic! Have a nice day:)

  5. Love this look, hope I can travel there one day!

  6. Paaaris... I really want to travel there! I hope one day I can!
    By the way, this outfit looks really good on you. :)

  7. The Louvre is so epic! How did you get these shots where it looks so empty??

    xx freshfizzle