Summer '16 - Insta Reminiscing

As im writing this, im staring out the window at a little robin sitting in the tree in my garden and its suddenly hit me that is autumn. I know everyones been talking about autumn and halloween but maybe, because theyve been talking about it so much, its completely gone over my head, till now. I woke up this morning, freezing, with what can only say is freshers flu finally hitting me,  even though i didnt par-take this year. Gad, my head is banging.

Anyway, with the end of summer, and it being one of my best summers so far, i decided to round up and reflect on my insta posts over the last few months, from june to september to be precise. Ready?

Shoe game strong // Felicity Tong at GFW (here) // My Oliver, of course!

Snoopin' backstage at GFW  // Throwback to Wildlife // The dog wall! 
First mango smoothie of the summer // Dog wall again - its my fave post! (here) // Flying out to HI!
 June finally brought along Hawaii, after waiting for so long, even when we were flying out it didnt feel real! A month worth of posts to keep insta and my dreams flowing, ill be back soon HI!

Waikiki Beach on our first day! // The view from Diamond Head // Day 3: sunburnt, happy, watermelon.
Waikiki Strip // Fresh faced // I couldnt resist, my view laying on the beach!
 Visit to Honolulu zoo (post) // From my balcony, waikiki at sunset // Gorgeous eastern coast line (post)
Three tables beach // Humid selfie // One of our last days :(
Waikiki beach // Nu'ali Pali' lookout //Waikiki sunset
Magic island at sunset // On waikiki strip! // Downtown gorgeous-ness
Wakiki on our last day // Waikiki at dusk (post) // More downtown goodness
At dusk again <3 a="">// Waikiki beach // Outfit post! (post)
Sunset over the city // Honolulu // My holiday snaps (via SquareSnaps) 
 July brought my birthday and finally some down time at home, after a mad first year, it meant lots of lazy days, time spend with family and catching up with friends.

Birthday ballons (post) // Cocktail making on my Bday! // Tipsy at 2pm #notsorry
These shoooes! // Saying goodbye to my cousin :( // Coffee date!
Catching up with my girl // Ridiculous nails // New glasses, new lippy!
August brought round the start of my internship at Ong-oaj Pairam, it called for interview looks, manic weeks and lazier sundays. It also brought my new little floof, someone forgot how mad puppies are!

Interview look (post) // The in-famous lightbox (if you habe my snapchat.. you know) // Another shot from this post
My new favourite slippers eva // Autumnal, back to school looks (here) // Sunday morning feels (not my pic!)
And, september brought fashion week, exciting collaborations, the end of my internship and a lazy week of catching up with everything, friends and tv! It also brought the one year anniversary of my heart operation, which i commemorated with a cute little tattoo.

CaseApp collab! (here// This Zara jacket!<3 everythaaang="" i="" is="" sign="" the="">
Creepin on Jack // Coffee Break // After the show! (post here)
Line-up board, backstage // 7am, prepping for show day // Chill days with Yen


And with that, summer is summed up in a matter of pictures, it was a crazy few months, i wouldnt change it for the world.<3 font="">
Im looking forward to the colder months, to uni projects, making second year memories with everyone around me and getting rid of this damn freshers flu!

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  1. Ahhh looks like you've had such an incredible summer, girl. That picture of the dog on the laptop legit made me beam! Too cute.

    Good luck with freshers flu, I remember it being a killer!

    katie ♥

  2. Welcome in the fall! Great selection of photos!

  3. Ah your Instagram is actually goals and totally making me miss summer!! I hope you get over your freshers flu soon, it is not fun at all!

    The Velvet Black | UK Style & Beauty Blog

  4. woow, your summer was just perfect <3

  5. You look like you've had the best summer ever <3

  6. I'm heading straight to your instagram to follow you! Seriously, amazing photos :)
    Kiss, Mariana Dezolt
    Messy Hair, Don’t Care

  7. Love your Insta feed! So cool!

    Anika |

  8. Your insta feed is gorgeous!


  9. Your insta looks SO good, jealous of your ability to stick to a theme. Glad you had a fab summer, hope winter is just as fun for you x

    Josie | Sick Chick Chic

  10. Great photos! Looked like you had a ton of fun :)


  11. Oh my goodness! Hawaii looks gorgeous! Looks like a wicked summer lovely :) Going to find you on Instagram now! ✨

    Pingkan x |