Frankensteins Monster.

Alt titles: Franken-casual-stein?! They did the mash? The Monster Mash? It was a graveyard smash..? I have writers block help? Halloween Queens? Idk anymore...


Lets Talk Lingerie.

Alt title: why you should own that lingerie, feel confident in it and work it. Also, its super cute under knitwear.


too young to ~care this much~

alt titles: how to deal with people walking out of your life with no explanation or reason why.


Summer '16 - Insta Reminiscing

As im writing this, im staring out the window at a little robin sitting in the tree in my garden and its suddenly hit me that is autumn. I know everyones been talking about autumn and halloween but maybe, because theyve been talking about it so much, its completely gone over my head, till now. I woke up this morning, freezing, with what can only say is freshers flu finally hitting me,  even though i didnt par-take this year. Gad, my head is banging.

Anyway, with the end of summer, and it being one of my best summers so far, i decided to round up and reflect on my insta posts over the last few months, from june to september to be precise. Ready?