Dear First Year, Its Been Real.

Alt post title: get ready for a long ass post with only good intentions

It feels weird to be posting this look while im sitting here in my Troye hoodie (side note: I need this.), my slippers, drinking hot chocolate and considering putting the fire on. Whats weirder is that i took these photos 2 days ago when it was warm enough for bare arms, now its crisp and cold. Oh September, im so glad you've brought us autumn. 
Primark Top (old), 
Asos Jeans (similar), Forever 21 Espadrilles,
Bag (backwards in every pic *cries*)
NYX Liquid Suede Lipstick (here)

Autumn always marks the start of a new year to me, that being school year, its a fresh start, a new found sense of motivation with the start of term. Im one of those crazy people that lives for education, for being in a learning environment and a school routine, everything falls apart when i dont have lectures to attend and deadlines to work toward, it stresses me out no end but its also my favourite thing, the outcome, seeing my work come alive, it makes all the stress worth it. September starting means im three weeks off starting my second year at uni. Ive already officially enrolled, brought new kit, my bestie flies back to Brighton tomorrow (YEEES BITCH), everyones already talking about timetables and im super excited for it. Second year is a big deal, i know. Its the next step and once its over i'll be half way through my degree and pushed into industry, everything i do this year decides if i get that internship or notbut you know what, as much as im scared af, im excited and so ready to prove myself. 

. . . . . .

How people learn and develop is something so beautiful to me, and my growth this year is something i just marvel at, like how? Looking back to this time last year is crazy, i was so nervy and unsure of myself, the amount my confidence has blossomed is.. something. First year was so important for me as a person to grow and develop and learn about myself. I spoke to one person on my first day last year, i tried to make friends, ultimately i failed and you know what, the week or two after that were hairy until suddenly everything just fell into place, i look back and i dont know where i started to makes friends or find my clique, they were just sort of there one day. Infact, on the first day of uni my now best friend said i sounded kinda ignorant and i went home thinking i was such a dick, now shes my best bitch and i would never change her, or the way we met. Things work out in funny ways, ride with it.

If you know me irl, then its not hard to see how much ive grown in the last 12 months, im no longer awkwardly trying really hard to fit in, ive embraced me and ive made friends who helped me do that. Cause life is complicated, first year can be scary and tricky, youre away from home, in a new place, working out who you are and trying to do well. Friendships can be sticky, identity is a complicated thing, sexuality and relationships - damn girl, dont even go there, but when you have people around you who get it and support you and dont care and just want you to be happy and you accept yourself, embrace yourself, then boy, first year can be one of the best years, you just have to let it be. 

So, to all the Freshers

You are going to have a fab time, work hard, play hard. Take every opportunity you can, its okay to struggle and find it hard, make sure you open up to someone, talk about things, dont suffer in silence. Make friends, make out with that person and that other person, dont give the random guy at freshers whose face you cant quite focus on your number, he. will. not. give. up. even in march.  Be spontaneous, dance until 7am, crawl to that 9am lecture. But also, attend your lectures, work hard, do your essays, put the time in, pass the year with work your proud of, keep your attendance above 95%, use the support at uni, its there to help you. You only have one real first year at uni, you might restart or change course but this is still your first first year, you only get this time once, make the most of it. yolo bitches.

. . . . .

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Thx mum for taking these pics, you my MVP.


  1. I mean you look great and... It is always amazing to look back at ourselves like a year or two ago and see how much we have grown!
    Yukova Design Blog

    1. Couldnt agree more, i love seeing the changes! Thank you lovely x

  2. wow, everything about this outfit is perfect, i love it!

  3. Ah this makes me think back to my uni days - feels like forever ago but I wish I could go back haha. At the time I hated uni but now I'd give anything to do it all over again. Gorgeous outfit btw - you're glasses are AMAZING! xx

    Sophie Elizabeth

    1. I hate uni a lot of the time, especially near deadline! But i just try and remind myself the good bits, thank you Sophiee x

  4. How cool. Love to see you with glasses and dark lipstick :)


  5. The weather has changed so quickly hasn't it. It's been so long since I was at uni I forget everyone goes back now, wish I realised how much I shoulda enjoyed it at the time
    livinginaboxx | bloglovin

    1. I know, especially as its warm again now, my wardrobe is confused! I think sometimes its good to step back and realise the good stuff, thanks girl x

  6. Love this casual and laid back outfit. Those shoes are amazing x

  7. Lovely outfit, have fun! I'm starting my Masters degree in a few weeks time.

  8. My mom is my MVP too... best free photogs around ;)

    Bianca Palumbo

  9. I really like it =)
    kisses Blamod
    new articles

  10. Nice blog post! I am so happy your confidence has blossomed this past year! That is hands down the best thing that can happen. Being true to who you are and having self love is something I think we all struggle with. Here's to new beginnings and fresh starts! Happy autumn (although it still feels like summer here in California)!


  11. You look perfect :)

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  12. Love your look, all perfectly match, thanks for sharing, you look gorgeous!!!


  13. Just found your blog and love it! Love this look by the way :)

  14. I love the 90's look...
    The jeans are soo amaizng

  15. such a cute look! your necklace + top combo is so pretty <3