Need a Cute Laptop Bag!

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Zana Printed Sleeve, Etsy Cat Sleeve (there's a koala too),

Hey guys, happy hump day! I've been insanely busy since the last post went live, kinda unexpectedly tbh, the same day I published the post I, by total chance, found a pretty cool internship not far from my uni, interviewed with them Friday and started Monday. I also visited Harry Potter studios on Sunday (more on that to come!) and yesterday we decided on getting a puppy?! So just a little mad, but a much better excuse for my lack of organisation than last weeks one.. my little toesies are doing well though, they're no longer strapped up but I still can't wear heels so I've learnt my lesson, thanks for all the comments and tweets asking 'bout them, me and my toes are feeling the love <3

Anyway, if you guys follow me on snapchat (dananicola), no doubt you've seen I finally got myself a macbook. I knew I needed one last year but they're so pricey, especially for someone living out of a coin jar, so I kept putting it off and off. Until a couple weeks back when i finally just went for it, thank you facebook selling pages, and I'm so glad i did, after slowly watching my old laptop come to an end getting a mac is like a dream, aaaand now i can do uni work at home finally, rather then sitting in the library at all hours..

Cases, covers, bags, literally all the protective accessories i can get my hands on are essentials right now, sad? Maybe, but this baby has my entire life within it and im taking it in my bag to uni erryday so i will take all the precautions! Basically, the reason for this lil' mid-week post is simply I need a new laptop bag! There's a ton of really cute ones around and clearly i have a thing for cactus print buuut im dying to get my hands on a palm print one, there's just something about palm print that I love, after this post i cant get enough but I know i'm going to be terrible with a white case, especially in the studio, aaah help! Where's a good place to find laptop cases guyss? what are you using? where would you recommend to look? I need all the advicee!!

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