Oahu Beach-hopping Diary - Hawaii Series

Hey lovelies! How was your weekends? Long time coming with this post, i totally mis-estimated how long it would take to edit, arrange, write etc this post and i decided to take my minor injury (three, THREE, broken toes) as an excuse to not really do much over the weekend apart from coffee date, birthday drinks... okay, just an excuse not to do.. proper work it seems. Anywaaaay, this post is a little round up of the beaches we visited when we were beaching hopping in Oahu, every single beach was gorgeous and writing this post is making me so desperate to go back and properly experience these beaches and everything else Oahu has to offer, but for now i'm content to just relive these moments, I hope you enjoy this little flash back as well, so lets get started!

Matalan Pink Bikini (old)

Lanikai Beach

We drove to Lanikai on one of our last days on the island, spending the afternoon there, i actually spent the entire time in the ocean, like 4 hours, i completely lost track of time swimming around and soaking up as much sun, time and Hawaii air as i could. Its a gorgeous and popular beach, mainly because of its calm waters, beautiful sand and chill surroundings, also being named Conde Nast's number 1 beach in 1996 might have helped. Its tucked away in Kailua but its easy to reach by car from Waikiki, just hop on the H3, and check out Nu'uanu Pali look out on your way!

I think this was probably my favourite beach, that we visited, because it's exactly my idea of paradise, its shallow, calm, clear  waters and perfect view, theres two mini islands just off the coast which you can kayak to, my plan for next time ;) Waikiki beach and Lanikai both have totally different vibes, Lanikai is so much more chill and calm, there much less people and in a way its more relaxing, I didnt feel at all conscious here, it was freeing.

Lanikai Beach, Kailua, HI 96734

Super attractive Walmart Snorkel ;)
Hanauma Bay Nature Reserve

The bay was the first place hit on our beach hopping day, we got there for like 8am to get in early, even then we had to queue for a little. It costs to get into as its a marine life nature reserve and state park, its like $6.50 each, which if you're going for a whole morning or even a whole day is totally worth it! Its an awesome place to go snorkelling, due to there being so much marine life, its actually a super super old crater that became dormant and eventually became a bay, hence all the fishies. It does get kinda busy which is why we went early, I can imagine in the day it would be super busy.

It was really cool to see such rich sealife, we saw sea cucumbers!!, we didnt go out too far as it was kinda rough on the day we went, a pretty overcast day, and the rocks make it a little shallow in places. Pluuuus, someone decided to forget her straps for her bikini top... that made it a little less enjoyable *sigh*  I'd love to go back here just to properly experience it, in swimming costume that wont always fall down, aand to see all the other fishies a little further out, which is supposedly better. If you're down for snorkelling, id recommend this 100%, its not to far away from Waikiki aand its just been named the best beach in america for 2016 i think?! Pretty cool!

Hanauma Bay, Honolulu, HI 96825
Halona Blowhole

Okay so this one is more of a lookout rather than a beach as such but you can go down to the actual beach either side if you wanted, my cousin took us here when she was driving us round, telling us about when she used to come down to the lookout s a teenager, it was really nice to make a connection with the area through her memories. The third picture here is the actual blowhole, in action, but im a sucker for gorgeous scenery and shorelines so i loved the little cove just next to it and the way the ocean danced around it.

If you're driving around the shore of the isalnd, maybe beach hopping a little yourself, the lookout is defs a cool place to see. There was some really cute little kids who were fascinated by the blowhole while we were they,, super adorable! I did really love this look out, purely for all the rocky shoreline goodness.

Halona BlowHole Lookout, Honolulu, HI 96825

China Mans Hat

Another place my cousin took us, this was literally a quick jump out the car, take some pics and gone again, but it was such a gorgeous place. I'd have loved to have taken a picnic down and sat on the grass by the shore, or a bunch of friends down for a few drinks, it would be so dreamy. The actual sand beach bit is tiny, like not even enough for a towel to be out down but its surroundings are so perfect, the mountains over-look directly behind you, you couldnt dream up a picture like this!

My camera died by this point on our day so annoyingly i only have my parent picture from there, which are basically just cheesy family photos but I really wanted to share this one with you because i think about it alot and its just beautiful! So please excuse the family pics lol...

Mokoli'i, Hawaii 96744
Three Tables

This was how we rounded up our actual beach hopping day, it was one of my favourites, i loved swimming here, bonding with my cousin and soaking up the rest of the afternoon. Again she was telling me how she would come snorkelling here when she was younger, so snorkelling there, with her, was amazing, something i'll never forget. I genuinely could have spent forever here, the rest of the evening and the whole day if i could. Its a smaller beach but its so chilled and the snorkelling was really cool, i actually saw more here than Hanauma but that was probably due to a better swimming costume!

When i met my other cousin back home she told me how she used to live around Pupukea, how she used to go fishing here with her grandpa and told me how she felt like a mermaid here when she was a kid, that made my love for this place grow even more, knowing its filled with so many memories. Its such a cool and chilled beach, totally check this one if youre around the north shore,
next time im spending a whole day here aand im climbing those rocks ;)

Pupukea Beach, HI 96712
Waikiki Beach

Obviously I was going to include Waikiki beach, I mean come'on?! It's the main beach in Hawaii, Waikiki is the main area for town, tourists etc, its kinda the hive of the island and the beach was prime area for surfers and tourists alike when we were there. As we were based in Waikiki i went down to this beach over and over, because it was like 2 mins from our place and i love the ocean so much, plus im on vaction, why wouldnt i?! If youre staying in Oahu, youre going to go to Waikiki beach, especially if youre staying in a hotel in the area. It is gorgeous, like its beautiful, its hawaii! Of course it is, i spent afternoons, mornings and dusk in the ocean here, dusk was my favourite, as always <3

I touched on it earlier on but Waikiki beach is super busy, its the main tourist area, theres loads of people and loads of surfers, boats come and go off the shore and its generally a thriving area, the vibes are awesome and its a must go-to obviously, but if youre looking for quieter, calmer and chilled hit up north shore, once we hit north shore i didnt want anywhere else, but then im a sucker for chilled vibes and easy days, who isnt?!

Waikīkī, Honolulu, HI 96815

Super picture heavy post guys but i hope you enjoyed it and got a nice little snippet of Oahu! There's gonna be a couple more posts for the mini-series and thats it, so keep an eye! Be sure to comment, let me know if you enjoyed this sort of post!!

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  1. Ah... One day! Looks absolutely blissful and I love that you had fun!

    Tatyana x

    1. It was lots of fun, thank you Tatyana x

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    Aleeha xXx

    1. Definitely no way you'll be seeing that in UK! Its beautiful, you should totally put it on your list! Thanks Aleeha xx

  6. Your photos are making me miss Hawaii SO much! You captured the scenery so beautifully. Dying to go back!


    Looks by Lau

    1. I miss it so much already! Thank you Christina xx

  7. the photos are just breathtaking! so jealous you went on a beach-hopping trip, dying to visit one soon! xx
    www.rebelrebel.co | Youtube x

    1. Thank you! It was an amazing couple of days beach hopping, everyone should totally do it, wherever you are! x

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    1. I think it should be on everyones travel bucket list, the other islands are next on mine! Thanks Christina x

  10. Oh my gosh - I've wanted to visit Hawaii for so long, like since I was a kid! The beaches look absolutely stunning there - I love the look of the first one, the blowhole lookout and obviously waikiki! It sounds like you had an amazing trip there! (Also, I hope your foot gets better soon!)
    xo April | April Everyday

    1. Its so stunning, every corner is beautiful! The first one was pretty amazing to be fair ;)
      Thanks April x

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  12. Lucky you!! All of these beaches are beautiful in their own way! Also, 3 broken toes!?!


    1. Yeah, three! I dont know how i managed it! Thanks Joti x

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