The Album Edit #2

Hey guys! Hope you're having a a super chill sunday, as we speak i'm sitting on a 16 hours flight tooo... Hawaii! Totally madness right?! I'm so excited, as i'm writing this it still doesnt feel real, im just.. so.. words cant describe! Anyway, I thought it was about time for another album edit, and seen as ive just saved a bunch of albums to listen to on the plane, now seems pretty perfect timing. Although i would be lying if i said i havent just been listening Shawn Mendes and Twenty One Pilots non-stop since this post, i have no shame! 

Blue Neighbourhood - Troye Sivan
I'm so in love with this album, Troye is a australian singer/songwriter and his music is a pop with a little dreamy electro vibe and, honestly ive had it on repeat since it came out #NotSorry
 He's 100% one of my favourite artists right now, so fun and noodle-ly, like a cinnamon roll plus  he is amazing live, so much energy and love to spread! If you take anything from this post i ask of you that it be this album, you wont regret it <3

Nine Track Mind - Charlie Puth
You've maybe heard of Charlie Puth from his song See You Again with Wiz Khalifa? Well, my mum is in love with his song One Call Away and decided to buy us all tickets to see him at Koko in May, i wasnt expecting much but he was actually really great, his music is very pop (which is right up my street) but his voice has a lot of soul, plus he's just a genuinely weird guy which is sucha perk. The album is great, his snapchat is better (@notcharlieputh)

Spotify recommend this to me a while back, not my usual choice but i loved it so much i saved the rest of his albums to my phone. Hip hop isnt usually my go to, i defs wouldnt have found him without spotify showing me, the music is great to just.. listen too, that sounds weird but like i usually hit shuffle on it when im in the studio, designing and i can just.. chill to it? Im rambling.

Know-It-All - Alessia Cara
After hearing Here and Wild Things and Shawn Mendes covering here in the Live Lounge, I thought I'd check the album out (honestly spotify is a lifesaver). This girl is something special, the album has great teenage feels, i cant really describe it but well worth a listen!

Lemonade - Beyonce
I wont say much about this because, lets be honest, who hasnt heard this album?! The visual album is a work of art, the styling, the editing and of course the music. Its an awesome album, definitely grows on you if youre not a fan at first, i know theres a lot of hype but its def worth it.

Theres so many albums i could have chosen for this post, so much great music about and coming up, Blink 182 im looking at you, i'd love to hear what you guys are loving at the moment, anything i need to add to my spotify? 

Have a great week, hope monday treats you well!



Hey lovelies, only 4 days late with this post. theres so much is happening right now, super busy bee!
Top - ASOS (exact//similar)
Jeans - ASOS (similar)
Bag - LaModa
Creepers (Shoes) - Underground

This wall popped up in back May for Brighton Fringe Festival and as soon as i saw it all over instagram I knew i had to shoot here, its soooo cuteee! I kept the look basic tho, throwing on a simple bardot and my new fave jeans, i dont know why its taken me so long to get a pair of mom jeans?! Theyre actually life changing, so high waisted, i understand the hype, but, what i really wanna talk about is these shoes, holy crap im so in love! I was looking at creepers a few weeks back, feeling about nostalgic about when i was 14 and creepers were like the thing and i managed to snap these babies up on ebay for a steal, fufilling all my teenage dreams of getting the insane triple sole that my mum wouldnt let me get, safe to say, dreams do come true!

Im flying out to Hawaii on sunday (can you believe that?!) so I've got some posts line up to go live over the next few weeks, but if anyone is in Oahu and wants to collab in the next couple weeks hit me up! And obvs add my snapchat to see everything *insert sassy hand emoji*

Have a great weekend chikas!

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images from my portfolio/sketchbook

Hey lovelies, hows monday treated you? Mines been a little hectic, this weekend has been mad, well since wednesday really has been pretty crazy. My uni deadline was today so i ended up in the library all day yesterday, thursday and friday trying to get my portfolio together in time, but with my hand in done i've officially finished my first year at uni! Its madness, i kinda dont know what to do with myself now i have no work to do or uni to be at, imma miss the studio, maybe i enjoy it a little too much, ahaha! 

Ive had a few other personal issues over the weekend as well which has annoyingly throw my blogging schedule out but, as im sure you're all the same, family comes first over everything and i had to take a little time out. So, the post that was supposed to be live today will be hitting you wednesday, dont worry its super cute ;) Aaand im hitting gradute fashion week tomorrow so make sure to add my snapchat to see all the backstage madness! See you wednesday x  

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