Prague in March

Hey lovelies! Hope your bank holiday weekend was killa, ive been rushing around to get all my work finished for my uni deadline today so not much chilling out for me!

Anyway, if you follow my Instagram no doubt you will have seen back in March I visited Prague again! I fell in love with Prague the first time I went back in 2014 but didnt really get to experience the city how i wanted to, so after meeting some really rad people at uni i finally got the chance to go back and there was no way i was gonna miss it. Prague has so much character and so many quirks, staying in an AirBnB helped us experience all it had to offer and experience the city in a different light. We trammed around the city most days and walked in between, although in the old and lesser town walking is def the way to go, so pack comfy shoes! 

This is a little round-up of the trip, just a snippet out of 100+ pics! Hope you guys enjoy x

Choker - Depop (similar)
Jacket - H&M (similar)
Shoes - Nike

We arrived mid-afternoon on our first day so we spent it exploring the area we were staying a little, popping into the easter market in the old town and and getting food! The weather that day was pretty crappy so we pet some goats, cheered on some of the dancers at the market and ate before heading back to our apartment to plan for the week. The next couple days we hit the castle, lesser town, Charles bridge, the old town, the clock tower, the dancing building, chilled in a cat cafe (a cat cafe!), drunk a little too much hot wine, ate a load of Tridlik and done a little shopping, we def do it hard when we gooo! We knew we only had two days really so we decided to do everything we could and luckily the weather stayed dry for us too, i really dont think i would do it any other way!

Holla for the super touristy pic!

After Prague we jumped on a train to visit our friend in her hometown of Novi Jicin on the outskirts of the Czech Republic, while there she took us to Stramberk and we got to see the gorgeous views she grew up with as well as visiting her local hangouts and meeting her friends. Stramberk was beautiful, the views were stunning and the company were amazing and totally unforgettable, this trip really is something i'll never forget and I never want too.

Even though it really was a flying visit I cant wait to get back to Prague again, next time I really wanna go for summer, I just know it'll be so beautiful when the sun is out! I don't know what it is about Prague, Ive visited my fair share of cities but sometimes it just feels like home, you know?Theres no doubt I'll be hitting Prague for a third time in the foreseeable future, but hopefully next time I'll be staying a lot longer! Have any of you been to Prague, or thinking about going? Would you be interested in a little round-up of places to hit up whilst in the city?

Thank you to my travel buddy, Yen, and to Lucie, her family and friends for being so accommodating and welcoming to us, this really was a trip to remember!

Snapchat/Instagram - @dananicola

|| Playlist for Prague was Troye Sivan, Troye Sivan and a little bit of Troye Sivan! ||


  1. Girl, thanks to your post, I am itching to go to Prague. Stunning photography!


    1. You def should if you get the chance, its beautiful! x

  2. Looks like you had a lovely time, wish I could visit Prague! The food looks insane!

    lots of love, Jane (new follower on bloglovin')

    1. The food is amazing! Thank you for following sweet xx

  3. Looks like you had a great time sweetheart, so happy for you.

  4. So many awesome photos. Looks amazing!

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

  5. Beautiful photos!! Looks so fun!!

    xx, Elise

  6. The stone people are so cool! Especially the one sitting on the ceiling. I love how you managed to capture it with the red light shining on it right there. Also that food under the picture of the locks looks DELICIOUS! -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

    1. Theres so many little hidden gems like that across the city! The red light is actually like a heartbeat from inside the figure, so beautiful! Thank you Audrey!

  7. Staying in an Airbnb while traveling is such a great idea because you get to live like the locals do. Beautiful photos. :]

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  8. What a fun journey :)


  9. looks like you had so much fun


  10. love these pictures ! makes me want to go travel


  11. Stunning pictures! The make me miss Prague, such a gorgeous city!


  12. Prague looks amazing! My parents visited last year and they said how amazing it was! I really want to visit one day. Looks like you guys enjoyed your trip!
    xo April | April Everyday

    1. If you get the chance you really should go! Thanks April :)

  13. Loving these shots! This place looks amazing! Thank you so much for sharing

  14. I love this visual diary of Prague, it so makes me want to visit sometime soon!



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  15. Looks so fun hun!

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  16. Great photography. The lovely place and the food looks insane!


  17. amazing photos! Looks like such a fun adventure!