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I'm not one for new years resolutions, I think covered that in this post! But, for 2016, I did decide something that I suppose is considered a 'resolution'.

'To stop being someone for other people and just be myself'

Deep af right? Not your average 'eat more veggies' or 'cut down on the wine'. 
The last 18 months have been a whirlwind for me, a series of pretty dramatic and life-changing events happened all in a matter of months and the fall-out from that was me being on my own, learning how to live with that and discovering who I am, where I fit. I've changed and grown into someone unrecognisable to 17 year old me, which is nothing but a good thing, but there's still a feeling like, sometimes, something's just not quite right. Rather than being comfortable in myself I've been trying to hard to mould myself into what I think everyone around me wants me to be. The pressure to be 'the right fit' is difficult to over come sometimes but making a concious effort to just be myself is a start. It means getting over my little anxieties, pushing myself to do things I want to do and stopping worrying what other people, normally complete strangers, think of me. So that's my plan this year, to be more me, to become a person I'm comfortable with, and maybe even proud of. Who knows, let's not get too crazy.

A lot of that starts here, on Fashion Dew, posting for me has been pretty sporadic and honestly not that enjoyable at times, worrying so much about building an online presence rather than creating good content for you guys, it's not fulfilling. I love posting about outfits and such but I don't like all that other stuff that just feels like a 'filler', so for now I'm only going to post content I'm happy with. Starting with one outfit post a week, it's a good place for me to build from and maybe the occasional extra post, if you're lucky ;) Also, over on instagram, I'll be more of just me, no more trying to hard and just the me-ist me I can be.

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  1. Great post, I totally agree about only posting content you're happy with. Last year I set a target to post three times a week but most of the time I was unhappy with them! Would love if you could check out my recent fashion post? :)

    The Fashion Road

    1. I think it's the only way to create a place, a blog, you're proud of and proud to share! x

  2. I have only ever wanted you to be you, don't worry what others think, if they don't accept it, then they are not good for you anyway.

  3. YUP!thats a really good one! and one that I think almost everyone struggles with, I know I do.

  4. I loved reading this! I can totally understand what you mean by finding the right fit! It can be hard sometimes but it is though the best for oneself.. great blog dear :)

  5. You look amazing! Check out my blog, we can follow each other if you want, let me know it! :)


  6. lovely post! and i think blogging is so much more enjoyable when there's no pressure too! x

  7. that sounds like such a great resolution!!!
    don't shy away from being yourself :D

  8. Great resolution! It definitely is important to be yourself because there is only one of you out there! Go Dana :) xo

    1. Exactly, no point trying to be anyone else! Thank you Sharon :* xo

  9. Amazing resolution, loved!
    Great pics too ;)

    - Bianca