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Serving gothy star girl velvet adore delano dead in the eyes realness, or something like that...

Christmas Lights.


Flashback // Berlin Vibes


Leather Jacket (on sale!) and Velvet Dress - Boohoo*

Here's a little sneak peek of something super exciting! The full post, my 'fashiondew x boohoo' collaboration will be up soon and im so excited for you guys to see the pics! This look is so killer, the velvet dress is just perfect, but more on that soon! Keep your eyes peeled for a the post in the next few weeks ;)

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Dungarees - Both Ways.

What even is my hair, cant deal at the moment, constant bad hair days... 
(edit: im sitting here whilst dying my hair AGAIN, i swear..)


#TBHxBWB Event.

About 2 weeks ago now, i popped up to london for the 'The Bloggers Hub x Bloggers Who Brunch' event in Soho, if you have my snapchat, you'll have seen me snapping the whole day, being my first proper blogger event i was kinda excited! The plan was to hit up the Saatchi before the event but due to crappy southern rail i ended up stuck on the train for aaaages, so i headed straight to oxford circus, ready for prosecco and cake!


Frankensteins Monster.

Alt titles: Franken-casual-stein?! They did the mash? The Monster Mash? It was a graveyard smash..? I have writers block help? Halloween Queens? Idk anymore...


Lets Talk Lingerie.

Alt title: why you should own that lingerie, feel confident in it and work it. Also, its super cute under knitwear.


too young to ~care this much~

alt titles: how to deal with people walking out of your life with no explanation or reason why.


Summer '16 - Insta Reminiscing

As im writing this, im staring out the window at a little robin sitting in the tree in my garden and its suddenly hit me that is autumn. I know everyones been talking about autumn and halloween but maybe, because theyve been talking about it so much, its completely gone over my head, till now. I woke up this morning, freezing, with what can only say is freshers flu finally hitting me,  even though i didnt par-take this year. Gad, my head is banging.

Anyway, with the end of summer, and it being one of my best summers so far, i decided to round up and reflect on my insta posts over the last few months, from june to september to be precise. Ready?


London Fashion Week Featuring Zaful

Alt titles: 'wtf is wrong with her neck', 'she could have at least ironed the sleeves', '44, green door (cause it rhymes)'


Harry Potter Studios

Oh my, what's this? Dana, late with a post.. again?! Never. 
Im so done with myself.

Anywaay, back in July, the 31st to be exact, we visited Harry Potter Studios in London to celebrate my brothers birthday, which just happens to also be J.K.Rowling's birthday, Harry Potter himself's birthday aaaand, this year, the release date of The Cursed Child. Its a good thing he's a fan, huh?

Dear First Year, Its Been Real.

Alt post title: get ready for a long ass post with only good intentions

Custom Cases With CaseApp (Plus A Little Giveaway!)


Need a Cute Laptop Bag!

Left to Right (all linked)

Zana Printed Sleeve, Etsy Cat Sleeve (there's a koala too),

Hey guys, happy hump day! I've been insanely busy since the last post went live, kinda unexpectedly tbh, the same day I published the post I, by total chance, found a pretty cool internship not far from my uni, interviewed with them Friday and started Monday. I also visited Harry Potter studios on Sunday (more on that to come!) and yesterday we decided on getting a puppy?! So just a little mad, but a much better excuse for my lack of organisation than last weeks one.. my little toesies are doing well though, they're no longer strapped up but I still can't wear heels so I've learnt my lesson, thanks for all the comments and tweets asking 'bout them, me and my toes are feeling the love <3

Anyway, if you guys follow me on snapchat (dananicola), no doubt you've seen I finally got myself a macbook. I knew I needed one last year but they're so pricey, especially for someone living out of a coin jar, so I kept putting it off and off. Until a couple weeks back when i finally just went for it, thank you facebook selling pages, and I'm so glad i did, after slowly watching my old laptop come to an end getting a mac is like a dream, aaaand now i can do uni work at home finally, rather then sitting in the library at all hours..

Cases, covers, bags, literally all the protective accessories i can get my hands on are essentials right now, sad? Maybe, but this baby has my entire life within it and im taking it in my bag to uni erryday so i will take all the precautions! Basically, the reason for this lil' mid-week post is simply I need a new laptop bag! There's a ton of really cute ones around and clearly i have a thing for cactus print buuut im dying to get my hands on a palm print one, there's just something about palm print that I love, after this post i cant get enough but I know i'm going to be terrible with a white case, especially in the studio, aaah help! Where's a good place to find laptop cases guyss? what are you using? where would you recommend to look? I need all the advicee!!

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15,000 Aloha Shirts - Hawaii Series

 Happy weekend guys! Today calls for another hawaii post, I was going to include this in a maste post of places to visit in O'ahu but i just loved the shop so much i felt like it deserved its own post! We stumbled across it kind of by accident but i'm so glad we did! Ignoring the kind of cheeky advertising outside, the shop is insane, its like a step back in time, im not a big one for vintage shopping but i think this is definetley a must visiting for anyone!

So it's called Baileys Antiques & Aloha Shirts (link ) and boasts and amazing 15,000+ shirts and let me tell you it is insane to walk into a store with that many shirts, they're hanging from the ceiling, piled up in big cabinets and swapping the shop floor, you're basically absorbed into aloha shirts. Theres so much choices its a little overwhelming but they dont just sell shirts, theres a wall stacked high with records, knick-knacks everywhere and even little aloha shirt luggage tags (super cute!), the owners are really lovely, the whole feel of the store is friendly and welcoming, so if you do ever find yourself in Waikiki, make sure you check this out, even if you're just popping in! 

Coconut Lane Sunglasses

There's a whole post coming on this look soon but in the mean time there's still 20% at Coconut Lane with the code 'fashiondew20', they have some super cute bits and the new luxe range!

This post is not endorsed or an ad, its just an amazing shop and i wanted to share it with you guys!

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Waikiki at Dusk

M&S Dress (now on sale)
 Primark Necklace, H&M Shoes (old )
Hey lovelies! I'm starting my Hawaii series with a little outfit post, which should 100% be called 'How not to take beach pictures at dusk', we definitely learnt a lesson looking back at these pics, the idea and intent was there but with the lighting and the focus being all out, it totally killed it. Apparently sunset is like 7pm in Hawaii, which totally threw us out because we're used to 9pm sunsets in the summer over here buuuut at least we know for next time!
Now, the dress isnt it pretty, i went all heart-eyed when i saw it and just knew i had to have it. Its totally not something i'd normally go for but tbh when i was in O'ahu i hardly wore anything like what i normally do, black just wasnt an option and i found myself wanting to wear blue denim shorts and floaty dresses, the warm air did something to me...

Anyway, this is the dress I ended up wearing to my parents vow renewal on Magic Island, which was the cutest and most romantic thing I think I've ever witnessed, my dad surprised my mum, and well all of us, by arranging it all to surprise her after knowing she'd been wanting to do it for a while. It was the most adorable thing, sunset with Waikiki and Diamond Head watching over and the cutest little set up, oh gosh, in the words of my closest friends #RelationshipGoals

Anyway, the dress, the dress, i keep getting distracted but the dress. I found it and managed to grab it in my size the day before we flew out, its a crepe kind of fabric which is super cooling and breezy, perfect for warmer evenings. It has side splits to the knee (I've pulled it up here cause, well, ocean) and its not fitted so i wore it with a belt for the vows but i really wish i hadnt, it wasnt as flattering as just letting the flow but i still received loads of compliments, I just wish the pictures we took could really do it justice because its beaut!

Ignoring my sightly swollen ankles, what do you think of the dress, are you into palm tree print?

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Things I'm Glad I Learnt Before Turning 20

Sup guys! Saturday was my biiirthday!
I turned a fifth of a century (or 20 in normal people terms) which kinda is scary but also kiiiinda.. whatevs, yeppo. If you'd have mentioned it a few months ago i would've freaked out, for a while i was really weirded out by the prospect of turning 20 but now it's actually got to it, im okay, im not scared to go into my twentys, its just bitter sweet saying bye to my teens. In all honestly my teens were complete shit, from depression, eating disorders and a heart op to losing people, ending relationships etc, you get the picture

Tbh, it wasnt till i turned 19 that things really started looking up for me, that i started enjoying life and everything that comes with it: i got some tattoos (look here), started uni, made some amazing friends, travelled to beautiful places, started dating (eww ), went to a ton of concerts and most importantly made so many insane memories that the bitter sweet part is actually saying bye to being 19 cause its been a hella amazing time.

twenty things i learnt before turning twenty

Anyway, going into my twenties i decided to round up 20 things im glad i learnt in my teens, 20 before 20, hopefully some of you guys can relate :) 

  1. People are in your life for a reason, and they leave for a reason.
  2. Not everyone is going to like you, sometimes they have a reason, sometimes they dont, its okay.
  3. Similarly, you dont have to like everyone either, and that's okay too.
  4. Make and spend time with those important to you, your friends your family.
  5. Make sure you take care of yourself and your body, there's only one of you, don't neglect yourself, don't hate yourself. Take time, care and love.
  6. Travel as much as you possibly can, jump on that plane, oitnb can wait.
  7. It's okay to not be the best at everything, just be the best you can be.
  8. It takes time finding who you are, be patient with yourself - you're still growing, learning, changing.
  9. There's nothing wrong with you cause you're not in a relationship.
  10. Don't be ashamed of the things you enjoy, the music you like. So you like Shawn Mendes, drag queens and The Flash? Good for you, enjoy it.
  11. Things get tough, you know that better than anyone, but things will get better, they always do, just push through it, you'll make it through.
  12. Social. media. does. not. define. you.
  13. If things are getting too tough to handle on your own, tell someone, dont be ashamed to ask for help.
  14. Say yes more.
  15. You'll never make friends if you dont put yourself out there - go to the party, go for a drink, let your walls down.
  16. Its okay to be down, to be sad and to hurt. Let yourself feel, let yourself heal.
  17. It takes time. It takes time to recover, to improve, be patient. 
  18. Go to the concert. Go see that film. Take a trip to the sealife centre. Enjoy yourself.
  19. You're stronger then you give yourself credit for, you've been through a hell of a lot and you made it through the other side. Recovery looks killer on you. 
  20. It's okay not to have it figured out, who does?!
twenty things i learnt before turning twenty
Shirt - H&M
Jeans - ASOS
Flip Flops (I cant believe im wearing flipflops in these pics omfg) - M&S

There was actually about 40 of those i could have added but i decided to stick with the important ones, get personal, reminisce, all that jazz, anyway, twenty here i come!

also these balloons might be cute af but theyre hella difficult to work with omg

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The Album Edit #2

Hey guys! Hope you're having a a super chill sunday, as we speak i'm sitting on a 16 hours flight tooo... Hawaii! Totally madness right?! I'm so excited, as i'm writing this it still doesnt feel real, im just.. so.. words cant describe! Anyway, I thought it was about time for another album edit, and seen as ive just saved a bunch of albums to listen to on the plane, now seems pretty perfect timing. Although i would be lying if i said i havent just been listening Shawn Mendes and Twenty One Pilots non-stop since this post, i have no shame! 

Blue Neighbourhood - Troye Sivan
I'm so in love with this album, Troye is a australian singer/songwriter and his music is a pop with a little dreamy electro vibe and, honestly ive had it on repeat since it came out #NotSorry
 He's 100% one of my favourite artists right now, so fun and noodle-ly, like a cinnamon roll plus  he is amazing live, so much energy and love to spread! If you take anything from this post i ask of you that it be this album, you wont regret it <3

Nine Track Mind - Charlie Puth
You've maybe heard of Charlie Puth from his song See You Again with Wiz Khalifa? Well, my mum is in love with his song One Call Away and decided to buy us all tickets to see him at Koko in May, i wasnt expecting much but he was actually really great, his music is very pop (which is right up my street) but his voice has a lot of soul, plus he's just a genuinely weird guy which is sucha perk. The album is great, his snapchat is better (@notcharlieputh)

Spotify recommend this to me a while back, not my usual choice but i loved it so much i saved the rest of his albums to my phone. Hip hop isnt usually my go to, i defs wouldnt have found him without spotify showing me, the music is great to just.. listen too, that sounds weird but like i usually hit shuffle on it when im in the studio, designing and i can just.. chill to it? Im rambling.

Know-It-All - Alessia Cara
After hearing Here and Wild Things and Shawn Mendes covering here in the Live Lounge, I thought I'd check the album out (honestly spotify is a lifesaver). This girl is something special, the album has great teenage feels, i cant really describe it but well worth a listen!

Lemonade - Beyonce
I wont say much about this because, lets be honest, who hasnt heard this album?! The visual album is a work of art, the styling, the editing and of course the music. Its an awesome album, definitely grows on you if youre not a fan at first, i know theres a lot of hype but its def worth it.

Theres so many albums i could have chosen for this post, so much great music about and coming up, Blink 182 im looking at you, i'd love to hear what you guys are loving at the moment, anything i need to add to my spotify? 

Have a great week, hope monday treats you well!



Hey lovelies, only 4 days late with this post. theres so much is happening right now, super busy bee!
Top - ASOS (exact//similar)
Jeans - ASOS (similar)
Bag - LaModa
Creepers (Shoes) - Underground

This wall popped up in back May for Brighton Fringe Festival and as soon as i saw it all over instagram I knew i had to shoot here, its soooo cuteee! I kept the look basic tho, throwing on a simple bardot and my new fave jeans, i dont know why its taken me so long to get a pair of mom jeans?! Theyre actually life changing, so high waisted, i understand the hype, but, what i really wanna talk about is these shoes, holy crap im so in love! I was looking at creepers a few weeks back, feeling about nostalgic about when i was 14 and creepers were like the thing and i managed to snap these babies up on ebay for a steal, fufilling all my teenage dreams of getting the insane triple sole that my mum wouldnt let me get, safe to say, dreams do come true!

Im flying out to Hawaii on sunday (can you believe that?!) so I've got some posts line up to go live over the next few weeks, but if anyone is in Oahu and wants to collab in the next couple weeks hit me up! And obvs add my snapchat to see everything *insert sassy hand emoji*

Have a great weekend chikas!

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