4 reasons it's okay to not feel festive

I've been reading a ton of posts lately about Christmas, obviously, it's Decemeber and a given people are going to be posting gift guides, Xmas outfits, decoration inspiration. But I'm sitting here reading through and I feel like the grinch or something because I'm so not feeling it. I'm not in a festive spirit at all, no Christmas songs or sitting down watching Christmas movies for me. Hopefully I'll start to feel festive whilst in Berlin this week but for now it's just not happening. But, for those of you who are feeling a bit like me I thought I'd tell you, it's okay, it's okay not to feel festive and here's a couple reasons why.

Its just one day, just 24 hours.
This probably does sound grinch like but essentially it is just one day and chances are you'll sleep for half of it. There's a lot of pressure to make sure that one day is perfect, sometimes there can be quite an overwhelming pressure to ace 'The perfect Christmas' but let yourself breathe a little. Try and take the pressure off, it's just one day.

High expectations = Disappointment
We're all guilty of letting our imagination run a bit wild, we start to have expectations which are so not realistic and essentially we're left disappointed. We don't just do it for Christmas but birthdays, holidays etc as well, it's just at this time of the year expectations get a little out of control. I find it best to just have mild expectations, not really get massively excited for anything and that way when good things do happen its much more exciting.

It can be a difficult for personal reasons
Christmas can be so hard if you've lost someone close to you. I lost one of my close friends 18 months ago and not only is it hard not having her here for this time but her birthday falls in the middle of December. So, this month especially, I can constantly feel her absence. Last year was the worst, it was the first Christmas and birthday we spent without her and it was so hard for me to feel happy without feeling guilty about it. This year it's a little easier and every year it will be but it doesn't mean it doesn't feel wrong to be happy and festive without her here.

 It's okay, your feelings are vaild
It probably feels like everyone around you is throwing tinsel around, dancing to Christmas songs and generally getting all cheesy and festive, or that's how it feels for me anyway and I feel a little bit like I'm looking into a snow globe with everyone else inside. Weird example, moving on. But you just have to accept how you feel is how you feel, you just need to accept it. Once I accepted how I felt it was like a whole weight was lifted, I let myself relax a little bit because it's okay to just not be feeling it. And who knows, maybe a more relaxed approach will allow me to start enjoying the season a little.

But what about you, are you feeling festive or not so much this year? How are you dealing with it, any advice to help a gal out?

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This post was inspired by Jodieloue.


  1. i think Christmas is something we all need, just once a year :)

  2. Great post and I always feel half and half at this time of year :) I enjoy the day and the weeks leading up to Christmas but don't go over board! I haven't even got my tree up yet ha,ha! Getting on that tomorrow! x

    Jenny | Krystel Couture - Wishing you an amazing Christmas and all the best for 2016!! ♥

    1. I thin for me its about learning not to go over board! hope you had a lovely weekend Jenny x

  3. Thank you so much for sharing this. I think it's really important to realize that you don't have to be the same as everyone else. SOme people love Christmas, others don't. And that's okay because at the end of the day we're all unique human beings with different feelings!!

    Love, Kerstin

    1. I'm glad you found it helpful, its difficult sometimes for people to accept that some of us just arent christmas people, but like you said we're all different! Thank you Kerstin x

  4. That's really a great post, I liked it a lot, because I feel a little bit in this way... I'm of course happy to come back home at Christmas, but there are so many unclear things in my life right now, that I just cannot feel this Christmas spirit as so many people in all these posts. And, as you said... It's totally ok ; )

    1. It's totally okay and theres so many individual reasons why we just dont feel it, i hope you had a lovely weekend anyway Helena x