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 Top - Rad.
Jeans - ASOS
Phone Case - Coconut Lane

I brought this top from rad a little while back thinking 'oh it's sooo tumblr' but as soon as it arrived it was quickly lost to the tumble dryer fairies. When I found it a couple weekends back, was when multiple tragedies seemed to hit across the world, suddenly everyone was brought together in solidarity, mourning the lives lost that day. And a t-shirt doesn't exactly do much, it doesn't feel like anything at all, to be honest, but in the same way it feels meaningful. The words feel somewhat powerful and so if it makes at least one person stop and think, for a minute, then it's done it's job.

I personally find it so beautiful how much hope there still is in the world. It give's me hope and reminds me too live as much as I possibly can, to travel, to help and to create positive memories and impacts, not matter how small. I know one girl can't create a tidal wave but if I can touch even a few lives in a positive way, well, I think that's a good start. 

It's also a really great hangover t-shirt ;)

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Anywaaay, on a lighter subject, I upgraded my phone recently (finally in with the cool kids) and subsequently grabbed this cute as marble effect phone case from Coconut Lane to dress it. I'm super precious over my phones, mainly because I have a bad track record of dropping them, and so far this case has definitely proved itself as not just another pretty face.

 Plus, right now you can get 20% off at Coconut Lane using the promo code 'fashiondew20', just in time to grab you're besties a last minute christmas pressie ;)

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  1. Love your phone case! I am also a huge fan of black nail polish :)

    Erin xx

    1. Thanks, black is always a great choice ;)

  2. I love the t-shirt and the phone case:D I think I might get one to dress my phone :D Kisses,beautiful <3

    1. Yes you definetley should, it's a great little case!

  3. Love the phone case, and the tee is so cute! Great post :)
    xo Kiki

  4. That is a cool tee. Love the phone case, I think every blogger has to have something marble in their lives
    livinginaboxx | bloglovin

    1. Marble is almost a 'blogger must-have' now!

  5. cool shirt and i love your phone case!

    danielle | avec danielle

  6. Such a cute phone case.
    Marble print is on now

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