The Album Edit #1

Happy Monday, or as happy as it can be for a Monday morning. I'm coming up to a super busy fortnight with the last weeks on uni and my deadlines fast approaching. It means stacking up a load of studio hours over the coming days and one of the best things to help me through is music, and loads of coffee. I've been listening to a ton of new albums recently (read: they're new for me anyways) so I thought I'd make an edit of my favourites at the moment, alternatively I made a little playlist *here* of my fave songs from each album!

Blurryface - Twenty One Pilots
I was a little late catching onto this band but after seeing their EMAs performance I decided to check 'em out, they're probably more for a particular taste in music but they blew up in the underground pop scene a while ago. With influences from a load of different genres, including a little reggae, and raw, honest lyrics I've found myself a little obsessed. Blurryface is stuck on repeat.

Jamie Lawson (Self-titled)
I'm sure you've all heard of this guy after I wasn't expecting that was so popular and if you love the song, check out the album, it doesn't disappoint. With acoustic melodies and that similar optimism and romance as Ed Sheeran, this album is great for chilling out and some easy listening on a long afternoon.

Sounds Good Feels Good - 5 Seconds of Summer
Still talking about this album, not stopping anytime soon. This album is so much more grown up than their debut and the music, the sound itself, is more self aware and realised. I will not stop talking about this album until every single one of you has listened to it. It's my favourite, always.

Badlands - Halsey
You might have recently started hearing about Halsey cause of her collab with Bieber. Well her album is arguably my album of the year, it's aggressive, straight talking and feels more like a story of youth than an album. Plus, damn girl can out on a show, she's one to watch.

Grand Romantic - Nate Ruess
I supposed you'd call him 'indie rock' or something, I just know him as the lead singer of Fun. and his solo album has a really similar sound, if feels like he's pouring his heart out all over the tracks and I love it.

Handwritten - Shawn Mendes
I still love this album, not gonna lie I've been listening to it for months now and yeah, still not over it. It has all the puppy-love elements you'd expect from a 17 year old and his guitar but in a more playful, not-taking-himself-so-serious way. Plus it feels intimate, like you're the only one he's singing to and I'm a sucker for that.

I've made a little playlist here as well, what are you guys listening too at the moment to get you through the last few weeks of term?


Earth* Subject To Availability

 Top - Rad.
Jeans - ASOS
Phone Case - Coconut Lane

I brought this top from rad a little while back thinking 'oh it's sooo tumblr' but as soon as it arrived it was quickly lost to the tumble dryer fairies. When I found it a couple weekends back, was when multiple tragedies seemed to hit across the world, suddenly everyone was brought together in solidarity, mourning the lives lost that day. And a t-shirt doesn't exactly do much, it doesn't feel like anything at all, to be honest, but in the same way it feels meaningful. The words feel somewhat powerful and so if it makes at least one person stop and think, for a minute, then it's done it's job.

I personally find it so beautiful how much hope there still is in the world. It give's me hope and reminds me too live as much as I possibly can, to travel, to help and to create positive memories and impacts, not matter how small. I know one girl can't create a tidal wave but if I can touch even a few lives in a positive way, well, I think that's a good start. 

It's also a really great hangover t-shirt ;)

*    *    *    *    *    *

Anywaaay, on a lighter subject, I upgraded my phone recently (finally in with the cool kids) and subsequently grabbed this cute as marble effect phone case from Coconut Lane to dress it. I'm super precious over my phones, mainly because I have a bad track record of dropping them, and so far this case has definitely proved itself as not just another pretty face.

 Plus, right now you can get 20% off at Coconut Lane using the promo code 'fashiondew20', just in time to grab you're besties a last minute christmas pressie ;)

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Online Loving #1

Sunday, oh how I love thee. Monday. I don't like you so much.
I'm not really getting a lot of time to nosey about online shopping (for myself) at the moment, I seem to find in the lead up to Christmas or my birthday there's literally nothing I'd like but once the time has past there's so much I want! I've been saving all these bits up in my wishlist folder for a couple of weeks now and oh my.. those boots are giving me life, that 70s style heel, yes please. Plus I'm totes into asymmetric hemlines right now and the Zara jumper is just calling to me, like the dress. Girl, I need the dress. And those plimsolls, well they feel like the perfect way to take on that white trainer trend without actually committing to trainers, what do you think?

Dana xo
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Why do I blog?

Dress - Primark
Coat - Boohoo
Hat - Charity Shop (similar)
Bag - LaModa

'Why do you blog, like, when do you find the time?'

Thats what I find myself constantly being asked this week, its like everyone is confused. And to be honest it is damn hard to find the time, between school and work fitting in photo shoots can be a pain, loads of lunch times spent running around to snap a couple of pictures. Plus those deadline weeks are killer and sometimes the blog has to be neglected a little so I can get through. Honestly though these aren't really 'bad' things and if they were that bad I just wouldn't do them, right? There's so many good things about blogging that out way the annoying ones, there's so many reasons why I do this.

Opening Doors And Opportunities
Blogging is all about working with brads, getting free stuff and going to events, especially if you're a small time blog but it is an amazing perk when it does happen. Even in the short time I've been blogging I've been so lucky to have some really exciting opportunities offered to me, granted you can't do everything but being asked just feels amazing. Fashion Dew's already opened a ton of doors for me to work with people and I'm so excited too watch it grow!

Meeting Amazing People
Specifically fellow bloggers and people that I look up too, I've met some amazing girls through blogging, networking and supporting each others blogs. Being someone who's pretty awkward in social situations being able to meet and talk to a bunch of amazing girls who I already have a ton in common with is so refreshing. 

Building Confidence
This is probably the most important thing for me, this is arguably why I blog and why I started to blog in the first place. Its so beneficial in building confidence, maybe its superficial but every time you guys comment or visit the blog it helps boost my confidence. It's help me so much that I'm at a point where I feel a lot more comfortable and confident talking to people, meeting people and generally doing things compared to where i was this time last year.

Being A Part Of Something
I've already covered this a little bit but generally being a part of a bigger community of people, an ever growing community is amazing. We all already have something in common, a group of people we can belong to and its generally a really cool thing to be a part of because bloggers, well, we're pretty cool people to know.

Creative Outlet
Probably a little cliche and cheesy but it is an outlet for me, okay, I haven't used it to my advantage yet but its such a good way to communicate your feelings, interests etc and connect with each other on a little more personal level when it comes to the hard issues. There's a handful of posts coming soon on Fashion Dew that really do feel like an outlet because it's important to talk about the tough things, to share stories and understand things from each other experiences and points of view.

I Love Blogging
Ultimately this is the most important factor and it's what I say to everyone who asks that question, I mean why do something you don't enjoy?  

Why do you guys blog, what are your highlights?

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The picture quality for todays post isn't great, it'll be getting better i promise!


Fortnightly Round-Up #4

I have been proper slacking on keeping the blog updated these last couple weeks, I keep making the excuse that its my uni work starting to pick up (my first deadline is this friday, eek!) and that sort of is true but I'm also enjoying going out and making new friends along with attempting to steal a couple minutes alone time here and there. I need to make an active decision to start shooting more and getting some posts stacked up, also a little clean up of Fashion Dew's appearance is needed me thinks, we'll see how it goes!

This fortnight
I went to see the ballet with my mum last monday, she had no idea what was going on but that's ballet right? I caught up with an old friend and we ended up in a cute little coffee shop sitting by the window chatting over coffee while the rain poured outside, it was lovely. I also found the time to be super impulsive and dye my hair foresty green which fitted quite well when I dressed up as the joker for halloween, better to go all out!


Hannah Gale made me giggle a little with a great post about the uncomfortable things that I think all girls can relate too.

Amelia over at Nabanna done a helpful little post about her daily make up and that's coming from someone who hates reading about beauty, who knows maybe i'm getting into it?

I saved this article about life lessons learned by a fashion student a few weeks ago, definitely worth a read if you're a fellow fash student!

Rebecca over at From Roses wrote apost about why we should all be proud of our blogs. It really made me think that actually I am proud of what we've got going on here, cause why shouldn't I be?

Hope your fortnight's have been lovely too, any good links/articles etc you've been reading?

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