Fortnightly Round-Up #3

Pictures from of tumblr.

This fortnight was a little more chilled for me, I properly started my uni projects and met some amazingly inspiring people because of it. I updated my little 'about me' section and made the pretty huge decision to trek round Mont Blanc next September, but more on that soon! I've had some lovely conversations and exchanged a load of smiles this fortnight which makes the dull days so much brighter. 
Oh, and I got tickets to see my faves in concert again, roll on next april! 

1. I found this post on 'A Girl, obsessed' really helpful when I felt a little overwhelmed with loads of new school stuff last week.

2. I'm sure you all know how much I love Buzzfeed, well this week they shared this amazing video filled with awkwardness and uncomfortable embraces. Truely beautiful.

3. All my TV shows are back for fall (queue the late night catsh up sessions) and i'm also loving River that's just started on BBC1 and House of DVF on E!, TV will be the reason I fail school, for sure.

4. Robowecop's post on anxiety (here) is really strong, we need to talk about mental health more, especially what anxiety really means.

5. And finally, I've set up my fundraising page for my trek next September, if you wanna learn more check it out here!

I haven't really been online or reading or anything much other than school this fortnight so I'll leave you with this!

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  1. Wow, looking forward to hearing about the trek!!!

    Charlotte x

    1. Yay! I'll do a post all about it soon!

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  2. You're so good writer!