Fortnightly Round-Up #2 - 4.10.15

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This week has been pretty mad for me, I started university on Monday and done all the things freshers do (well sort of) and yesterday I got to see my little cousins that I haven't seen in ages. All in all it's been a busy but exciting week and I'm bringing it to a close with a pampering sesh and night out tonight (clubbing on a sunday? Yeah, I must be mad)


1. This much need post on smart ways to deal with toxic people. I've been trying to avoid nasty situations.

2. Brushing up on my blogging knowledge and learning how not to get sued, thank you CocoChic!

3. Whatever this is.

4. 22 hot chocolates that I totally need to make (or at least lust over and wish i had the time to try)

5. Theo James for Hugo Boss? Yes please.

6. And finally reading this, sometimes we need to talk about losing people, relationships breaking down and people walking away. But sometimes we just need to hear other people say it.


  1. LOL "clubbing on a saturday"? haha i love it! im a hermit now too so its very crazy when i do go out lol
    XO Ellen from Ask Away

    1. Haha, i'm for sure not a going out person!

  2. I love the post! Your blog is amazing:)