I Got A Tattoo! - 15.9.15

Thanks to Luci at Angelic Hell Brighton for inking me!

So  got a little tattoo back in July and I've had this post sitting in my drafts since then debating whether to share it or not. It's something I've wanted since I was about 16, the design changed a couple times admittedly but i kept coming back to the shapes. Lets be fair, sometimes its better to keep it simple rather than trying to come up with a intricately detailed design that incorporates loads of things and meanings, its gets confusing right?

So, the meaning, each shape represents something different, something I've had to face and overcome, something that's affected me in life generally. It's to symbolise what I've been through and the struggle I've had to overcome but also it symbolises that I've beat it and I'm stronger for it, without going through those things I wouldn't be, well, me. It feels like, without sounding to cheesy, I'm ending that chapter, I'm saying 'yeah i've dealt with some shit but its time to move on, don't dwell on it let's start a new chapter'

A tattoo was the right way for me to move on, acknowledge I've been through it but start a new. University starts for me in 10 days so I'm feeling the pressure but I'm also feeling like the future, my future, is literally just ahead of me and it's so exciting. That'd probably why I'm sharing this with you now, the final sentence in this chapter before I turn the page. Exciting! 

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Thank you for putting up with me today, this post got pretty deep, I hope you don't mind!