Ripped Jeans, Baggy Tee - 20.6.15

Vest - H&M
Jeans - Boohoo
Shoes - New Look
Bag - M&S

There's a lot of ripped denim on FD at the moment, I think I'm generally having a thing for denim generally. I don't regret it. 
The next couple of weeks are a little mad for me, but I'm buzzing just thinking about it. My college exhibition is all next week, my birthday the next and in the middle I'm hoping on a plane to Rhodes *eeeek*. I can't wait for sunshine and heat, I mean it's June and I'm still in my leather? Although going on holiday so soon has me in just a little frenzy to buy summer clothes now that I've realised I don't have anything. I swear this is me every time for any occasion!

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Tattoo-spiration - 17.6.15

I've wanted a tattoo for as long as I can remember, my own little work of art. Individual land marks across your body to illustrate and remember certain times, places, people. It feels right for me to start my journey now, to start a little collection of ink. I love geometric pieces and these tattoos fit perfectly with my original ideas. I'm still designing the perfect piece but I have a ton of inspiration over on my pinterest so it wont be long till I'm inked *smiley dancing emoji*

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Casual - 13.6.15

Top - H&M (last year)
Skirt - BooHoo
Shoes - H&M (last summer)
Ghostly White Legs - I can only apologise, I need to catch a tan badly!

I feel like this outfit looks quite similar, I've seen a load of my favourite bloggers in similar and just think is so cute. Seeing a ton of posts with denim skirts get me pretty convinced I had to have one and this little number from Boohoo is everything I'd want from a denim skirt. I struggle to get on with those A-line styles, a pencil skirt is my go to for sure, the perfect in between smart and casual. And as I'm always that friend that over dresses a little it'll be fab for picnics in late summer and drinks on the beach. With platforms of course *sassy hand emoji*

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#WILDLIFE15 - 8.6.15


This weekend past saw me at wildlife festival to celebrate the end of my foundation year, okay so college isn't over just yet. I still have my exhibition to go but its the start of my last summer before starting university in the fall and I really don't want to waste it. 
I didn't take a load of pictures or worry about outfits at wildlife, I simply enjoyed the music, the people and the sunshine. There was loads going on and loads to see, the perfect way to welcome summer as we soaked up the sunshine. I also tried churros for the first time, awesome by the way, and danced to loads of great acts including George Ezra,Years & Years and Disclosure. 
I suppose this post is just to check in and give a feel for the weekend, I'll be back to regular posting this week as well so keep an eye!

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