Starting Out - 20.04.2015

Jacket - H&M (S/S 2014) || Top - H&M (£9 in the sale!) || Skirt - MissGuided || Shoes - H&M (S/S 2014) || Bag - Mums Wardrobe

The sun started to show its face this week although i seemed to miss it all again and the cold still managed to nibble at my bare legs. Tights and long sleeves are still a requirement. My wardrobe is still very full of blacks and greys and I'm overly aware spring is beginning to arrive so I'm starting to shop for warmer days, just hoping the warmth comes our way this year. Last summer seemed to pass by so quickly my sandals never left the wardrobe so I'm taking extra precaution not to let that happen again. I'm determined to get out of my skinny jeans and into my denim cut offs this year, no more white legs for me.

Love, Bones x

|| Now playing: Wiz Khalifa ft Charlie Puth - See you again ||

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  1. very bad ass! I'm so glad you're bringing the tattoo choker back! I love this!

  2. Hi my dear
    very nice look today
    love grey skirt

  3. Amazing shoes and jacket!

    X Laura (

  4. You look stunning! Your shoes are amazing *_*


  5. Wow, pretty look! The whole outfit is perfectly!
    I really love that stuff, looks so great on you dear! :)

    Christina Key

  6. you are so pretty! (:
    I love your outfit! (: