Dreaming of Paradise - 24.04.2015

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If any of you follow my Pinterest page you'll see I've been dreaming about the beach recently, these breathtaking beaches that feel like paradise. I'm a girl that likes to travel (aren't we all?) and when I travel I like to be busy and see everything I can but right now I'm just craving a weekend away in paradise where I can just sit in the warm sun with a cocktail, a good book and no worries.

The past year or two has been crazy for me, I haven't seen a relaxing holiday in too long. Somewhere between turning 18, doing my foundation year, applying for university and endless health issues I seem to have lost the traveller in me. It's been crazy and exhausting but I seem to be finding my feet again. I'm just one click away from booking that weekend in paradise and refreshing my system, just what the doctor ordered!

What are your plans? Are you off travelling this summer, any plans for paradise?

Love Dana x

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Lucy Lace - 22.04.2015

Lingere sets - Limited at Marks and Spencer

Just a small post today, the weather has been so gorgeous but I just haven't had the time to enjoy it or do any shoots. So I thought I'd share my favourite lingerie with you, for those of us who are blessed with a larger bust (DD+ ladies represent) it can be a little tricky finding comfy bras that fit well, look good and can go from day to night. 
Well these sets from M&S are my hands down favourite, they look good as well as being comfortable, they come in a range of colours and fits, give off a great fun and flirty vibe with a mix playful colours and lace plus best part? £20 for the set, perfect for students like me.  


Starting Out - 20.04.2015

Jacket - H&M (S/S 2014) || Top - H&M (£9 in the sale!) || Skirt - MissGuided || Shoes - H&M (S/S 2014) || Bag - Mums Wardrobe

The sun started to show its face this week although i seemed to miss it all again and the cold still managed to nibble at my bare legs. Tights and long sleeves are still a requirement. My wardrobe is still very full of blacks and greys and I'm overly aware spring is beginning to arrive so I'm starting to shop for warmer days, just hoping the warmth comes our way this year. Last summer seemed to pass by so quickly my sandals never left the wardrobe so I'm taking extra precaution not to let that happen again. I'm determined to get out of my skinny jeans and into my denim cut offs this year, no more white legs for me.

Love, Bones x

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