Stranger Things

Can we take a moment to reflect on how amazing stranger things is? I might seem a little late to the hype, but ive actually been all over it for months. As soon as i binged it i wanted merch like asap. One of my fave xmas pressies was a framed version of the Will Byers missing poster, which sits proudly on my shelf and confuses all my non-stanger things watching family. This tee, i just love, i love that its a little different to just the logo or like, eggos, not that i dont love eggos. Its from a seller on ebay who has a ton of quirky stranger things designs in their shop, ive linked some of ma faves below ;)


A Weekend in // Paris.

Ive been a little MIA on the blog front, for ages really, starting to accept its just my way, sporadic posting and never getting things done when i want 'em! Anyways, my plan was to do two more Paris posts but once i finally sat down to edit i realised i didnt really have enough pics for a quality post, sooo get ready for a slightly photo heavy post - 48 hours in Paris!

The Louvre // Paris

Backpack Zara
Scarf Next, Leather H&M
Jeans M&S, Nikes


The Album Edit #3

Sup guys, happy new year, its about time for another album edit right? Its been like 7 months since this one which you guys seemed to love. And, as im back to uni monday i thought it would be good to put together a little edit and share with you guys some of what im loving and some playlists ive had on repeat to, maybe in time for you going back to uni? Have to admit, just like thr last post, ive been listening to Twenty One Pilots again, alot